Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017 10:50AM CDT
What is Check-In/Check-Out?
Check-in/Check-out provides verification of when a job is started and completed by your assigned technician. This required step can be accomplished two ways, via the Corrigo GPS Check-In/Check-Out app or via the IVR process.   

What is GPS Check-In/Check-Out?
GPS Check-In/Check-Out is the preferred method and can be accomplished
via your smartphone. To learn how,
watch this video.

What is IVR Check-In/Check-Out?
IVR Check-In/Check-Out is accomplished via a phone call.  Simply call the phone number and access code listed on the work order.  Once connected the message will instruct you on how to start, pause, and complete a work order. For more info on IVR check-in/check-out watch this video.

When checking in and out, the process indicates that a company
mobile ID# is required. Where can I find my mobile ID?

Your mobile ID can be found under the home tab within Pro Connect (where you receive work orders). For further instructions, click here.

Is checking in and out required for every work order?
Only if your client requires it. If you are unsure, please check with them.

Do I have to check in and out of recurring and preventative maintenance work orders?
Checking in and out is not required for recurring or preventative maintenance work orders.

If I receive a work order that includes Visits, do I have to check in and out every time?
Yes, and only the IVR process will work with Visits.  GPS Check-In/Check-Out cannot be used.

If the job requires the technician to make more than one visit in order to complete it, do we check in and out every time a technician arrives on site or at the start and end of the job?  
You must check-in each time you arrive on site, pause the work order when leaving the site, restart the work order when you return and follow this cycle until you have completed the job- at which point you can then check out.

How do I check in and out in the middle of the night or on weekends, when
emergency services are required?

Follow the same check-in/check-out procedures as any other time.
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